The recovery project is an intensive programme that provides some people with an alternative to ‘living with mental illness’.

We run a range of coping workshops  that complement our support and recovery services.

The Moodsingers are our professionally coached singing group who meet regularly with the aim of increasing their confidence and self-esteem but mainly just to have fun.  We also provide a regular drama group and a creative writing group.

Our ‘Get up and do something’ activities aim to encourage people to try new activities and become more active.  Activity is important in terms of relieving anxiety but our aim is also to increase confidence in the people and encourage them to widen their social circle and their range of activities.

The friends and relatives of people experiencing severe emotional problems can be provided with support, and/or helped to develop their skills and confidence in helping the recovery of a loved one.

We run other groups and provide other activities, often based around the goals people are working towards, so get in touch and see if you’d like to join in !

Our approach is positive and optimistic and we hope this is reflected in our use of language.